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Introduction of bellow covers

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2019/10/18 09:38
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The machine guard protects the  core components of the machine from external corrosion and damage. The categories are: bellow covers, telescopic covers, roll up and apron coves.   Many types to choose such as round,  square and Polygon.

Bellow covers. External German fabric with PVC support.  It has the advantages of small compression and long stroke. It can withstand oil, corrosion resistance, hard impact and no deformation, long life, good sealing and stable operation. The bellows speed can reach 200m/min.

Telescopic covers is a traditional form of protection for machine tools. In this field, steel telescopic rail guards are widely used to prevent the entry of chips and other sharp objects, and the cooling can be effectively reduced by certain structural measures and suitable scraping plates. Infiltration of liquid.

Armored bellow covers

An upgraded version of the bellow covers, each of which can withstand strong vibrations without deformation, and is applied to the bellows, supporting each other and acting as a hindrance The role of debris penetration.

Roller up covers

The roller blind cover can replace other shields in the small space and without strict protection. Can be installed horizontally, vertically or in any mixing direction. It is an ideal protective component because it takes up less space, has a large stroke, is fast, has no noise, and has a long life.

Apron covers

It is mainly used to protect the machine guide surface from metal chips and coolant, and has anti-dust and anti-coolant functions, thus prolonging the precision life of the machine. It has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, good structural reliability, small occupied space, etc. It is especially suitable for the use of other protective devices due to space position restrictions.



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